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interactive content teaching the next generation. to change. using channels available to people to take action. and we're determined to do something here for the next generation. is the environment series of global 3000. and 9. this news africa coming out in the next 15 minutes. rocked by various people fed up with corruption on the ongoing economic hardships demand solutions from president we. will speak to a political activist. doesn't bob when government steps in the. white farmer whose booming business was targeted by led. me to join in what do what you want to do my land.
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i'm glad you joined it we stopped in liberia is growing against presidents george where after a massive demonstrations on friday a protest coalition of civil society groups on the opposition party members issued a list of demands thousands of liberians took to the streets of monrovia on the save the state to protest against george risk management of the country. has been impossible almost 18. the protests that have led to the minister of justice with a list of demands including the sacking of the finance minister. and a recent scandal involving $100000000.00 in mis and bank notes since became 1st and the current c. house divided. it's that significantly it puts us to said de wet tie it on
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suffering under his rule one yank and i want the food yes and would like this whether we could be able up to the bunker they know that got the thing up at night love it and that don't if you're not going to the chief i don't know what that will mean breath only i have. been the top priority one on one i may not be missing out on all the fun i think is going on decent job in world war 2 was 14 years and 5 that i. think of not i'm not not the kind of people they're not real people or what you find out on just you know no that would be all over that you know the president would like but not get the look that happened 2 is that what i really don't know that none of them if i'm on this i'm joined by many poc i demoed he wanted to go activist in the world yeah hello and thousands of times now i put just as i gave in
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government one month deadline to meet steady months what exactly. 3. well there is what the what the c o p finally read out amounted to 40 count before he told it to sit. on that list. mainly criticism around the lady economy's been run. issues of accountability and. reconciliation and post-war. transitional justice issues just specifically the call for it is not just going to walk crown court although they put forth want to do much one can just group them to 3 broad categories not be caught in the about justice which just post a lot of these suits tons of justice missions and then. allow the economy the run it leafless in that we're witnessing a total collapse of the light doing dollar. not now on me for students has been in
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power for just over a year is that the demands of being mean to a result that there's any. well we have passed up point as to whether or not this fair i think the angle the witness in monrovia is newly. equal as president sign he that the economist is not only stagnant but i think that gets in the works so ringback that the engagement of the best political engagement we witness in isn't it press for myself transformation instead it is about maintaining the gains that be made i and preventing it back what's locked so if. us presidents things i get in where you are suggesting what does this really mean for his presidency. well it means you are easy on notice and the economy is going to be very key for him if
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he is to stay on the stable to find political consensus was engaged in a constructive dialogue with the opposition the president's own said a few weeks ago that dialogue is the way follow it backs up follow up on and he's able to get some sort of a political consensus to announce its face to implement reform but speed is going to be the watchword there's group patience and that in one move ok not not pretty previous governments have tried and failed you know it was the same criticism for president johnson sirleaf what. at the conference then to be out due to corruption in a country because that's one of the main things people are complaining about. well you have to muster the political will i know say it's the same things but then it's not just black and white a lot of gray in between. and he's managed in the medium term and.
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the medium term effects of the quote crisis and collapse of commodity prices but he will have to he can't just point to the fact that he's to have been on this ounces of being demanded now and the reason the pressure is really ratcheted up on that and it's because he's also having to deal with these. red in the political prevents the time when the economy it's not an all time low so you have to find innovative means to do to jumpstart the economy he needs to do probably needs to win the support he will have to reach out community the credit will not get resources to respond to the economic questions so as to turn down the pressure and create space to work on the long term issues ok i mean if i kind of wanted to activists in more obeah liberia thank you very much for your time.
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and an update to a story brought you last week didn't use africa i reported from zimbabwe on a white farmer fighting illegal bottle to hold on to his avocado farm which i said his business was under threat from london vegas who claimed the land was there as he told us that destruction had put 600 jobs verst following reports the government has stepped in to resolve the dispute tweeting that the motto had been effectively dealt with and that it's about with respect property rights. am just right. there have been listening. refusing. simply. because what you're
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looking at. is a $25.00. it's not an overnight. it's not. joining me now as. government spokesperson had already welcome and thanks for your time why did you decide to visit mr. sometimes when you'll hear him and wanted to live with a case. far away from each you need to be able to look at the to rain see the geography but more importantly see the agriprocessors in that was and that is in place at farfalle i wanted to see for myself why are we saying this is very productive business where we saying this is an export oriented business and way are we saying these fits very well in the narrative is open for business so this was the papers of the his it ok now i don't know if i can link the papers to this question is up to say that if if you went there and you found out that it didn't meet what your
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head that it met then one of the have been ok that his farm was taken away from him . no that wasn't going to change the outcome because when the when the cabinet. position or a decision it becomes policy saw that decision that was passed on the 28th of may was in sync with the with government polices government policy is pronounced by the president in these inaugural speech on the 24th of november 27th in and subsequent statements that have been made and the actual police passed by a company it's on several occasions to the effect that. the land issue is no longer a racial issue it's no longer a question of race and more importantly. no productive lands would be taken but we're not taking land any way except that land which is too big for one person and
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when we have such a 100 population for land ok those ones will be downsized and people that it would have multiple farms these so-called multiple. land owners those ones who may lose some of them in terms of the land orders that were carrying out but does that is why is the government polices consent these particular phrase fitted well into the police ok sounds quite complicated some times the land will be taking and given to other or spread out to other farmers also but but but back to the main issue for discussion when all the off we were drawn so that you can actually own is own farm thus that's that's definitely a bureaucratic process so let off a letter that was given to mr mills and he's going to pull it had drawn and. is for mr. liviu he has to apply for it or more to be given that i mean for the lease agreement in terms of the government directive so it's
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a matter of we're talking we're really talking of administrative issues here i mean certain issues are not police issues once the police has been pronounced we may you know it may take long to draft of this document get into that office to be signed with the other but as i say it's administrative i don't think we should be very much bogged down bad mistakes of issues ok so ultimately he can relax because things are going to go smooth he's going to still be in control of his own farm that's a yes right. that's a definitely yes now finally what are you going to want to continue working that's good are finally before you go what is the government's doing about other farms facing similar threats what we pronounce on the 28th and what you pronounce it now is a policy police the police is that no productive land will be taken away from somebody who is purchasing. process it will be taken away for no price to anybody. and we'll also all property rights situation thouse the position that is the fate of
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any other lands that falls into this category ok thank you very much. government spokesperson and i are. from africa all our stories on our website on facebook and if you're thinking about changing the. range of ideas. from busy as the composite week over the weekend. and enjoy the next time despite. the fact.
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it's time to take stock of the face. time here i just searched. the for the trip the 1st. time to come on trains and to connect. it's time for w. d w d is coming up ahead. minds.
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of living. your link to news from africa the world or link to exceptional stories and discussions from news of easy and what we say debbie to come speak to join us on facebook g.w. for. welcome to the news from the world of culture meryl and there's a bit of a french field so the show today. a visit to the world's biggest festival for animated films in the french city of honesty. and we meet the world's top female freestyle footballer shea from paris.
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we begin in the beautiful town of going to see and eastern france home to the most important festival for animated films in the world this year over 3000 films were submitted to the festival only 200 are accepted and these contests the various categories of awards from short films to major features now and imagine is all about peaches so let's have a taste of the incredible diversity of artistic styles on offer this year.


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